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Celtic’s “Eco-Blasting” Abrasive Blasting is Tough

on Surfaces, Easy on the Environment

Applications of Abrasive Blasting with Celtic Eco-Blast

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Eco-Blasting can be used almost anywhere. It’s gentle enough to use on delicate surfaces but powerful enough to eradicate years and layers of dirt, grime and paint.


• Neatly blasts away dirt, mold, paint and coatings on commercial surfaces, inside or outside your building

• Uplifts neighborhoods by scouring away the toughest building graffitti

• Beautifies marine craft plagued by barnacles, biofilm, corrosion and coatings

• Restores older, weathered buildings to their former glory

• Helps new paints and coatings stick better with superior, complete surface preparation


Eco-Blasting can even be used in rain and high humidity and won’t damage substrates.

Eco-Blasting For Your Project

If you have a project that could use the effective, environmentally friendly benefits of Eco-Blasting surface preparation, please contact us. No job is too big, small or difficult for us and we are dedicated to satisfying you with minimal disruption to your business routine during blasting.


Is Eco-Blasting right for your next project? Contact us to discuss it in detail.

Our Eco-Blasting division is here to help with superior abrasive blasting cleaning and surface preparation throughout the Chicagoland area.


Typical abrasive blasting provides excellent surface preparation, but can be harmful to the environment. With Celtic Eco-Blasting, you get the advantages of a powerful wet-blast system that reliably expels coatings, contaminants, corrosion and residues but does the job with up to 92 percent less dust than typical blasting systems.

That’s a remarkable statistic because when it comes to abrasive blasting, there is really no such thing as “dustless blasting.” We can reduce dust by adding water to the blasting process, but that only reduces the travel of inevitable dust particles. For most systems, this means that at the end of the project there are pools of wet, dusty slurry that create the risk of toxic run-off. Not so with Celtic’s Eco-Blasting!


We use the closest thing to dustless available on the market, Graco’s Eco-Quip vapor abrasive blast equipment. This technologically advanced system does use water to halt the spread of dust, but uses considerably less than most other equipment systems.  So, your surface preparation is safer, cleaner and more effective for everyone..with 92 percent less dust.